Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Family!!!!

So, I'm at my mom's house for Thanksgiving. I am completely positive that I may not be their child. I don't know where I learned how to cook, but it can't be from them!!! I'm standing in the kitchen looking, I see bluebox macaroni, cans of yams, cans of greens, cans of green beans, cans of peas, etc. WTF??? what happened to sitting in the kitchen cutting up greens? soaking beans? making cakes? Why is everyone so lazy!

I just confirmed with my mom that the macaroni isn't for tomorrow. I am very grateful.

I'm thankful and all but I wanna cook!!!!


Gina said...

Then you should have come to Chez moi. We had it all and from scratch. The only thing premade was the Mrs Smith's dutch apple pie.

Come get on these leftovers LOL

Andrea said...

Thank ya for visiting Momma In Flip Flops2. I bet ya heard about me from Gina and I hope you get some cloth diapers. They are awesome.

Stop by again soon. These are still cloth diaper contests to enter, most ending this week. December is full of fun Christmas gifts as well. =)