Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shoo Shoos giveaway

i love these shoes!  so i'm crossing fingers i win!!! have 2 kids and i'ma preppy-kid dressing mama.  i can picture the little outfits with my turkey witht he pink Mary-janes and my boy witht he tan ones(he's too big for them now lol)!! This giveaway is being posted by CoolBabyKids ending January 15, 09 so hurry up and go there!!!! there are extra enteries available as well.  The shoes ont he web ist are the cutest things ever!!  Almost, i said almost, wants to make me have one more boy and girl so i can buy 2 of each!!!  Enclosed is a link tot he original giveaway and the website it'self!

here are pictures of my favorites

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Shoo Shoos said...

Those are so cute, my friend told me about Shoo Shoos the other day but I only remembered about it today. From what I've seen online there are some adorable designs and I imagine I'll order my first pair today! I just have to decide which pair will be best for our little Jamie.