Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two-oh-oh-nine is here!!!!!!

Well the close of last year has come and gone!  Last year I accomplished alot and I hope to accomplish more this year.  Bear came home Christmas day after stressing me out and running me in circles so he could suprise me.  Monkey turned 4 on December 26th and had a wonderful birthday.  i got a Nintendo DS for Xmas from Bear.  

I plan this year to:  

lose 30 lbs
Keep the weight off
become a better wife, mother, and person
Love Stacy
become more organized
consider Lap Band----research first
complete 4 scrapbooks
1.  turkey
2.  MOnkey
3.  Bears career
4.  our courtship and marriage   (on October 29th this year we willhavebeen together for 10 years)

well TTFN!!!

1 comment:

Gina said...

Damn, 10 years already? At least you got a ring out of it....